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Lender Liability and Litigation

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Lender Liability and Litigation

The economic downturn, tightening of credit, and the increase in foreclosures has spawned a rash of new lender liability lawsuits in California. Borrowers raise lender liability claims to defeat or prolong foreclosure actions. Frustrated business borrowers file lender liability lawsuits after banks break promises to lend money.

In recent years because of the tightening of credit, new lender liability cases arise when the bank reneges on a promise to lend money to a borrower. If the lender backs out of a loan commitment, and the business is damaged because it is unable to borrow the promised funds, the lender can be liable for the damages. If the business has closed its doors as a result of the lender’s actions, the damages can be extensive. If the business is still in operation, the borrower might be able to negotiate a loan workout using lender liability as a bargaining tool.

If your matter cannot be resolved, the Law Offices of Homan Mobasser, APLC is prepared to litigate your lender liability matter to push through a settlement or achieve a judgment through litigation. Please contact the attorneys at Law Offices of Homan Mobasser, APLC at 424-224-0026 to have your lender liability case evaluated.