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Boundary Disputes and Litigation

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Boundary Disputes and Litigation

Unfortunately, sometimes a good relationship between adjoining neighbors goes sour when disagreement arises over the true boundary between their lands. A boundary dispute is as unique as the parcels and people involved but could involve a fence, wall, driveway, path or landscaping that everyone assumed was in the right place and questions are raised about whether it was placed consistently with the true legal borders.

When a land boundary becomes an issue, it is smart to consult with the Law Offices of Homan Mobasser, APLC for advice. Also, it may be worth the money to hire a surveyor to conduct a survey. The surveyor will consult historical land records, the notes of previous surveyors, buried or fixed boundary monuments, and other important documentation of the boundary at issue.

Then, with the assistance of skilled legal counsel at the Law Offices of Homan Mobasser, APLC, the matter might be resolvable informally through negotiation, culminating in an agreement reached out of court; or a remedy may be possible through a title insurance claim. In some cases, boundary disputes do not justify the expense of a lawsuit.

Should informal resolution be unsuccessful, California law allows an action for quiet title in state court. Within such a suit, both sides present evidence about the boundary and how the boundary has been treated historically by the parties. Often, expert witnesses in surveying may be called upon to testify. Please contact the attorneys at Law Offices of Homan Mobasser, APLC at 424-224-0026 to have your boundary dispute case evaluated.