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Lemon Law

Lemon Law

Under CA Law – Cars, Pickup Trucks, SUVs, and vans all apply. It also extends to dealer-owned vehicles, as well as the chassis, chassis cab, and drivetrain of motorhomes. Commercial vehicles are not covered.

You may qualify if your vehicle has been under repair for 30 days or more or if within the first 18K miles or first 18 months of ownership you have attempted twice to repair a potentially harmful/life-threatening malfunction (or four times for any non-harmful malfunction).

California Lemon Law imposes a four year deadline to file a Lemon Law claim. The four year limit typically starts from when you first experienced warrantable problems with the vehicle.

If you believe you were sold a lemon, please contact the attorneys at Law Offices of Homan Mobasser, APLC at 424-224-0026 so that your case can be properly evaluated and determined whether you have a right to monetary damages and/or repurchase as a result of your lemon.